Frequently Asked Questions?

Why does Olympia not post the FX rates online?

Customers often ask why we don't post rates online as our rates are updated every 15 minutes on our FXATM machines. AT Olympia Trust FX our core business is large transactions ranging from $100,000 to $20M and those transactions get much tighter rates, we don't wont to confuse our clients or ATM users by posting rates that may or may not be applicable to the size of their transactions. As an FX ATM user you can take comfort in knowing that our machines offer the best rates in Canada on FX cash.

What denominations do your machines dispense?

US Dollar & Euro $100, British Pound £50 and Mexican Peso is $500

What are the limits I can withdraw?

This is based on your Interac cards daily limit. If you need more than your limit you can contact your bank and request your limit to be raised for the day. The machine limit is 25 notes per transaction.

What is the service charge?

$3 Canadian will be charged for each transaction.

Is the rate and Canadian conversion amount displayed on the ATM screen prior to approving the transaction?

The exchange rate and Canadian total will be prominently displayed on the screen. You will have to accept the rate prior to the cash being dispensed. If the rate is not agreed to, the option to cancel the transaction will be available.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Please call us at 1.888.937.0702 or email at

Why are Olympia’s rates the best in Canada?

Olympia has been in the FX business since 2005 and trades over $2 Billion annually. With this buying power we can pass these savings to our FX ATM clients.

What cards are accepted in these ATM’s?

Any banking card that can access the Interac Network will work on the Olympia FX ATM.

How often are the exchange rates updated?

All currencies update every 15 minutes to stay up-to-date with market fluctuations.

Does the machine buyback currency?

No we only sell the desired currency.

How do I find a machine in my area?

Click on the Apple or Google Play icons on our main page at to download the Locator App for Olympia FX ATM.

I have a good location in Canada how do I host an FX ATM?